"Cool in summer" -- Changzhou Federation of trade unions condolences to the front-line employees of Lidao new material



On the afternoon of July 31, accompanied by the leaders of Lidao company, Hua Fei, Secretary of the Party group of Changzhou Federation of trade unions, took 20000 yuan worth of summer supplies to express condolences to the employees of Lidao new materials fighting in the front-line workshop with high temperature.
Secretary Huafei expressed cordial greetings to the front-line workers of Lidao who worked hard in hot weather, asked them in detail about their work and physical condition under high temperature in summer, and told the department heads present to reasonably arrange their work and rest time and pay attention to their own safety. It is also required to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling of employees, reasonably arrange the operation contents according to the actual work, provide necessary logistics support for front-line workers, be safe on the job, and ensure the safety of front-line employees in heatstroke and the orderly development of various work in high temperature season.