Coated Aluminum Coil


Color coated aluminum coil in electronic appliances, meters, lighting, packaging, home decoration products in electronic appliances, meters, lighting, packaging, home decoration and many other fields have a wide range of applications. It can be used as the shell of electronic products, etc., with stable gas performance, and the surface layer can even reach 30 years after special treatment.

Typical applications——Electrical appliances manufacture

The application of color coated aluminum coil in electrical products is varied, such as: hammer embossed aluminum coil used in packaging pipes, but also useful in the interior of the refrigerator hammer aluminum coil.

We cooperate with famous home appliance manufacturers at home and abroad to develop beautiful high-gloss white, brushed gold and other colors of colored coated aluminum coil as exterior decoration materials, elegant style, durable, loved by customers.

According to the special needs of different customers, we have developed color coated aluminum coil with net effect, snake skin effect, color coated aluminum coil can be used as projection display, and food grade color coated aluminum coil as interior materials.

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