Coated Aluminum Coil

Coated Aluminum Coil
Coated Aluminum Coil

Aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system

The aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength, easy processing and forming, and the application potential of safety, stability, heat preservation, and fireproof performance. The lightweight, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy material gives the building excellent stability and maintenance-free advantages. The innumerable products of the roofing system continue to prove that the roofing system is constantly increasing the value of the building.

Standing side system

The traditional system widely used in the world, can make the longitudinal super-long size plate without deformation due to stress. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of various architectural forms.

Low standing edge system

Suitable for small-area building roofs such as villas, with a more elegant style. The infinite expansion and contraction system can be added to the continuous welding process to have a longer service life and realize zero leakage engineering.

Drainage system

The whole series of mechanical locks are leak-proof, which can realize the best drainage system, because the rainstorm can be drained in time to avoid the huge deformation caused by the loss of water.

Typical application——Aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system

Aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system

Fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum-magnesium pick rolls are favored in various large-span metal roof structures and corrugated insulation systems because of their beautiful appearance, light texture, easy processing, durability and recyclability.

Typical alloy:A3004、A5052、A5754;

Typical width:575mm、578mm、580mm、595mm、600mm、1000mm,According to customer requirements, slitting to any width;

Typical thickness:0.7mm、0.8mm、0.9mm、1.0mm、1.2mm;

Conventional coating: PVDF2 coating 25-28 microns, 3 coating 35-38 microns, common silver gray, bright silver, champagne silver, pure white, hammer embossing, etc.

Color coated aluminum coil

Color-coated aluminum coil is "pre-coated aluminum coil", which means that the aluminum coil is pre-painted with color before the forming process such as cutting, bending, rolling, etc., which is different from spraying (spraying after forming paint). In the current construction market, 70% of the metal materials used on the construction surface are pre-rolled. The high-speed continuous and automatic drop-out coating line specially designed for coating aluminum materials, the coating is more uniform and stable; it can ensure the formation of two layers of coating on the front and the back at one time, which is more efficient and avoids paint coating on the surface of the aluminum coil. It is over-baked in multiple processing.

[Nano, chameleon, heat reflection]

1、Self-cleaning fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum coil, the coating of the aluminum coil releases effective decontamination ingredients under certain conditions, and automatically restores the cleanness of the surface;

2、Heat-reflective color-coated aluminum coil, the coating of the aluminum coil contains a special ceramic component, which can effectively reflect the infrared rays in the sun and reduce the "heat island effect" of the city;

3、Chameleon color-coated aluminum coil, the surface of the aluminum coil is rolled with a special fluorocarbon coating, using light reflection, refraction, and diffraction, so that the surface can change with different chromatic aberrations as the light source and viewing angle change, which is beautiful.