Praise -- Jiangsu Lidao New Material Co., Ltd. won the "May Day Labor award of Jiangsu Province"


On November 26, the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee and Changzhou Municipal People's Government commended the 2017-2019 municipal model workers. Jiangsu Lidao New Material Co., Ltd. won the "May 1st Labor award of Jiangsu Province"; Cai Zhengguo won the 2017-2019 Changzhou model worker.
In recent years, under the correct leadership of the company's Party committee, Lidao new material attaches importance to the construction of corporate culture, and has formed a "family culture" management mode of "focusing on emotional management, supplemented by system management, centered on spiritual self-discipline and based on traditional culture" in practice. In terms of scientific development, it has walked out of its own unique way, established a good corporate image based on enterprise characteristics, created a talent team with high educational background, hard political quality and strong specialty, carried out work effectively, and emerged a large number of advanced and achievements. Lidao New Material Co., Ltd. will take this honor as a new starting point, uphold the fine tradition, take the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, strengthen confidence, move forward bravely towards the established goal, and strive to build Lidao new material into an enterprise with advanc