Lidao new material is the exterior wall of Xiamen Airlines headquarters building - "inlaid with gold"




The brushed rose gold anode oxidation plate provided by Lidao new material has the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic, not easy to absorb dust and easy to clean, especially in coastal cities. Make the overall modeling of Xiamen Airlines headquarters project magnificent and transparent. Xiamen Airlines headquarters building project (also known as Xiamen Airlines building) is designed by the world-famous British foster architecture firm. The overall shape is magnificent. After completion, it will become a landmark building in Xiamen. Xiamen Airlines headquarters building is the "Centennial project" of Xiamen Airlines and the fifth largest "Asia Pacific first-class" large aviation industry group in China, It is a coordinate for Xiamen Airlines to develop towards internationalization in the future. The project is the first project in a week in early July and ushered in a "good start" for Jiangsu Lidao new materials Co., Ltd. in July.