Good news: Jiangsu Lidao new material "adds wall" to phase II of Beijing National Convention Center




Recently, Jiangsu Lidao new materials Co., Ltd. successfully provided 30000 m2 of aluminum honeycomb plate 2.0 (metal composite plate) external wall for the phase II project of the National Convention Center, which not only demonstrated the hard core strength of Lidao new materials, but also handed over a satisfactory answer to promote the resumption of production and work during the epidemic period. The phase II project of the National Convention Center is located in the Olympic central area of Chaoyang District, Beijing, with a total construction area of 409000 square meters, 2 floors underground and 3 floors above the ground. After the completion of the project, it will mainly serve the high-end summit attended by heads of state, undertake major foreign affairs and state affairs activities, and will become an important place of the capital's "International Exchange Center".
The project not only proves once again the comprehensive strength of new materials in Lidao, but also reflects the determination and confidence of Lidao people to go against the trend in the face of the epidemic. Lidao new material is closely organized and carefully deployed to ensure the smooth development of the project. The whole staff of Lidao will also continue to do every work with diligence, sincere unity, down-to-earth, and continuously improve the service quality to make customers more satisfied.